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Purpose of the qualification

Why study the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) is primarily designed for students aged 19+ although students aged 16-18 are also eligible to study for this qualification, for example through an apprenticeship. It meets the education standard required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of anyone wishing to achieve a ‘licence to practise’ and work as a mortgage adviser.



CeMAP® develops specialist knowledge and skills by introducing you to the purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry. Within this, it provides a solid introduction to the mortgage advice sector, by exploring the rules and regulations that govern the sector and the factors that impact on personal financial plans.


Key  content areas

  • Purpose and structure of the UK financial services
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA’s) main aims, activities and relevant Conduct of Business
  • The house-buying process and parties involved.
  • The different types of customer and their need for different types of
  • Assessment of affordability and suitability of different mortgage options and associated


Key skills developed

The qualification will enable you to:

  • develop an understanding of how mortgage and related financial products respond to the drivers and implications of changes in the wider environment and how these changes affect an individual’s financial decision-making;
  • demonstrate numeracy skills, including the ability to manipulate financial and other numerical data;
  • use appropriate data and information from a range of sources to make financial decisions; and increase their ability to work and learn independently

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. However, you need to be satisfied of your ability to study in English at Level 3.


Progression  and preparation for  further study

If you wish to achieve a further licence to practise and provide advice on equity release products, CeMAP® forms part of the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER). If you have completed CeMAP® you could also progress to the Level 4 CeMAP Diploma.

As a free-standing qualification, CeMAP® provides a platform for continued study within the financial services sector and a wide range of other business-related disciplines.


All components and units are mandatory and assessed. Each unit is assessed through Multiple Choice Questions.


The pass mark for each unit is 70%, to pass a unit you must achieve the minimum pass mark. The structure of the assessment ensures that all aspects of the course content are subject to external examination.

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