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CCP Graduate School can offer you the Certificate in Education and Training (CET) programme.  This Level 4 Certificate is a first stage teaching that will give an insight into the roles, responsibilities of a teacher/trainer ,how to plan and deliver inclusive teaching sessions, the methods in delvering and assessing in education and training and the use of resources.
This qualification has been designed for teachers and trainers working in, or aiming to work in, the work-based learning (WBL), FE and Independent Training Providers (ITP) sectors. It will prepare you to teach in a wide range of contexts and develop practical teaching skills. Topics covered include planning, delivery, learner assessment and using resources in education and training.

The Certificate can meet the needs of a range of trainee teachers, including:

  • those who are not currently teaching and training, but who can meet the practice requirements, including the observed and assessed practice requirements, of the qualification
  • those who are currently teaching and training, including those who have just begun and who can meet the practice requirements, including the observed and assessed practice requirements, of the qualification
  • those who are currently working as assessors and wish to achieve a teaching qualification





Teaching Practice

As a trainee associate teacher on this course, you will be required to complete 30 teaching practice hours.  A good way to start your teaching practice is by shadowing or observing another teacher.
You will be learning a number of theories and strategies that you can implement in your teaching  practice, and you will be required to reflect on your practice as you continue. You will need demonstrate your ability to plan, deliver and assess your students.

During your 30 hours CET teaching practice, you will be observed for a minimum of 3 hours, over a minimum of 3 occasions. Your tutor will then provide you with constructive feedback, which will further your development as a teacher / trainer.


Methods of Assessment

In order to achieve your qualification you will complete a series of theoretical and practical tasks. You will be required to allocate a substantial amount of time for your teaching preparation, research and delivery. You will be guided by your tutor

Our qualified teaching staff will guide you through the process, through focussed classroom activities , lectures and webinars.


Entry requirements for CET

You must be aged 19 or over and be experienced or qualified in the area that you want to teach. You must have access to 30 hours worth of teaching practice.  You are also required to have a good level of written and spoken English to complete the theory and practical assessments.

Those needing additional support in English written and spoken skills can follow our diagnostic to assess the improvements required. CCP Graduate school is well equipped to provide this support and you can access this anytime anywhere 24/7


Course delivery method

CCP Graduate school use a blended approach to course delivery. We will use all the latest technology to deliver these qualifications and you will be engaging in session activities, group activities and  various teaching practice methods. .

You will have a dedicated support tutor who will provide you support that you require.



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