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Certified Corporate Sales Expert


Certified Corporate Sales Experts provide guidance on activities related to building strong business relationships; successfully work with other businesses to help them see the value in the company’s products and services; understand procurement management; conduct effective negotiations with other organizations; and oversee leads generation, qualification, follow-up, account management and other related activities.

The certification exams are invigilated, and candidates have four hours to complete 180 multiple choice questions. The prerequisites are a study of all of the relevant inputs, tools, and outputs for each process as presented in the study Guide –Corporate Sales book, 5 years of related work experience, 40 mandatory educational hours, and recommendations from two peers and a manager.
Successful candidates will be awarded the Certified Corporate Sales Expert certification  after passing the certification exam.

Certification Prerequisites Target Audience Cost Of Exam
Experience Education
SCCS-E Prerequisites Experience: 5-years work experience Prerequisites Education: Study of all processes in SMstudy® Guide – Corporate Sales book and 40 mandatory educational hours. Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Professionals and Specialists. Cost of Exam: USD 600

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice
  • 180 questions
  • No negative marks for incorrect answers
  • 240-minute duration
  • Online exam

Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for Sales and Marketing Professionals and Specialists who are interested in becoming a Corporate Sales Expert.


The candidate should have minimum of 5 years work experience. It is preferable to complete the Certified Corporate Sales Specialist and study all processes from the study  Guide –Corporate Sales book before applying for the Certified Corporate Sales Expert certification. It is also mandatory to accumulate 40 mandatory educational hours by attending Corporate Sales Expert classroom training provided by us.




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