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Your Resume open the doors to successful companies. You need to know how to make your cv match the job and the company

Online resume submission has made it much easier for candidates to apply for jobs than it was in the past. Unfortunately for job seekers, it has also increased the number of applicants for most positions.

Catching the eye of the typical recruiter who is wading through scores of resumes can be quite challenging. Here’s how to make it more likely that your resume will get noticed.

Tips for Writing a Resume That Will Get Read

Emphasize accomplishments with power verbs.When describing your previous employment experiences, emphasize how you solved problems and added value to the company. Begin phrases with keywords like “increased,” “initiated,” “resolved” and “improved”; these power verbs go beyond simply stating your duties to emphasize how you produced results. Here is a list of other power verbs

Quantify your successes and the magnitude of your responsibilities. Numbers jump off the resume page. Identify the bottom line for your department. Is it sales volume, profit margin, donations generated, savings on expenses, expanding memberships, grants secured, or something else? Figure out the rough baseline level of activity before you arrived at the company and calculate the difference that you or your team has made. For example, you can include phrases such as “Developed PR initiative to increase number of donors by X%” or “Implemented Fiscal Plan that Reduced Expenses by 10%.” Also consider incorporating numbers to show how many staff, how large a budget, or how many customers you are responsible for. These numbers will help demonstrate the weight of your responsibilities.





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