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student support and welfare


Supporting Student Learning

Learning teaching and assessment is supported by all staff and in particular by providing space for learning – there is space on campus for group and individual study and Library and ICT resources to enable access to learning materials and the means to work and develop ideas.


Learning, teaching and assessment is sustained through various and flexible modes of delivery including seminars, lectures, workshops, tutorials, online and flexible modes of assessment including continuous assessment, task based time-controlled coursework and portfolios. Individual confidential student feedback and evaluation of teaching and learning methodologies and programme delivery strategies are used.

Tutorial Support

Tutorial support will be provided on both a group and an individual basis. Each student will have a designated support Tutor responsible for:

  • Academic support such as advising on the presentation of assignments and issues related to programme content.
  • Advice on administrative matters, including liaison with the Student Support Service

Guidance On Further Professional Development.

  • Liaison with other programme team members, to monitor individual learner progress and discussion of issues arising with learners.


Additional Support

All learners are entitled to receive additional support to help them complete their studies successfully. Leaner enrolled on various programmes  will be offered such support if they and/or the Programme Leader assesses that  it would be beneficial.


The range of support that can be offered includes specialist staffing to help those learners with specific mobility or sensory difficulties. The need for support will be identified at interview and at enrolment. Once an Additional Support Agreement has been completed, the learner will receive specialist support, in collaboration with the Programme Leader.




Careers Advice And Guidance

All learners are entitled to a careers interview, which will usually be through the Graduate School’s careers advice service. Programme Team members will also help individuals seeking information on further development after completion of the BTEC qualifications.

Reasonable Adjustments For Special Needs

The schools has a policy and mechanism available to make reasonable adjustment to improve and enhance students learning experience. This is available through your welfare officer and your course Tutor.




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