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Your Role as a Student Representative

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Your main role is to communicate issues and concerns of your fellow students to staff at the School and to selected committees. Raising an issue or concern will result in a discussion of the matter and an action decided to address the concern. It is the responsibility of School staff to report back to you and the student body what action has been taken. It must be remembered that it is not always possible to resolve issues fully and to your satisfaction every time as resource constraints may mean that not everything you would like to be done can be achieved.
Your role and responsibilities typically span a broad range of matters from resource issues, the quality of teaching to social events.

Key tasks of the Student Representatives include:

1. Proactively aiding the continual improvement of the learning environment at CCP Graduate School by attending and contributing to selected meetings.
2. Gaining and providing feedback of the views of all the students that you present.
3. Attending meetings of all Student Representatives that take place once each term
4. Contribute to the development of the student section of the Annual Monitoring Report for your course.
5. Identify good practice and issues that affect the student experience
6. Ensuring that you are representing views of other students and not just your own view on matters to do with the learning and social experience at CCP Graduate School


Student Representatives should consult with their respective student group regarding issues and problems that have arisen from academic matters. These issues should then be taken to the relevant meeting where a solution can be sought. If a matter is more urgent and cannot wait until the next schedules meeting you should meet with either the Programme Leader for your course or the Director of Studies.
In the case of problems that are more profound and need the attention of senior management, the issues should be relayed by the Student Representative to the Director of Studies or VP.
In all cases, prior to being brought to a committee meeting and where possible, an informal solution should be explored. This can be informally discussed with teachers of your module or the Programme Leader.

Student Representatives meetings

Student Representatives are invited to attend a meeting of all representatives once each term. The purpose of these meetings is to:
• Seek views about the role of Student Representative and how you could be supported in your role
• up-date you on any matters related to the School as a whole
• have an open discussion about how the operation of the school could be further enhanced discuss social events and activities that you would like to see happen
These meetings will not have formal minutes taken, however, notes of views expressed, ideas for enhancement of the student experience and suggestions for social events will be noted. The notes of these meetings will be considered at a meeting of the Senior Management Team.

Senior Management Team meetings take place bi-monthly, and include the Principal and Vice- Principal, Director of Studies, Registrar & the Business Development Manager

Brief word of Warning

Student Representatives should not get involved with advising other students on personal matters or individual grievances, since, if the advice is later deemed to be unhelpful, wrong or seen to have exacerbated a situation, complaints could be raised against the Student Representative. In these circumstances or if in any doubt please make students aware that the Student Welfare Officer is here to help. Where personal or sensitive issues are a cause for concern The School can advise or offer guidance on a one-to- one basis through its Student Welfare Officer.

Enjoy the role of Student Representative

All staff at CCP Graduate School hope you enjoy the role of being a Student Representative. It is an important role and one that is crucial to ensuring that all students have a ‘voice’ within the School. The role is challenging and demanding and requires that you give time to being an effective representative. Through you, students are listened to and wherever possible action taken to further enhance your learning experience whilst studying at CCP Graduate School.



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